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How can I register on the Ministry of Interior's e-services website?
  • You can enter the electronic service's website, which is https://eservices.moi.gov.jo/MOI_EVISA , or by downloading the application for the electronic services of the Ministry of Interior for  (Android, iOS).
  • Click on the user registration link, and choose the appropriate type of registration from the list such as (individuals, institutions , ..).
  • After completing the registration process, the electronic account is activated for one time only through the Ministry of Interior (the account activation window) or through the nearest governorate center to your place of residence.

Is it possible to provide the additional required details through the application for electronic services instead of direct attendance?

Regarding additional details, they are provided only through the application and the electronic services website.

The application and website also provide many features such as:

  • Submit the application electronically.
  • Follow up the request and inquire about it electronically.
  • The possibility of electronic payment by linking with the eFawateerCom electronic payment system.
  • Print a notice of approval of the request through the service's website.

What is the communication mechanism to report an error in the application or the website for electronic applications?
  • You can report malfunctions or technical problems by contacting the following e-mail dobr-opr@moi.gov.jo
  • You can also contact via the WhatsApp number for electronic services, which is 00962791000838
  • You can also contact the National Contact Center at 0096265008080

Do approval notices printed through my account need to be signed by officials in the ministry?

Approval notices do not need to be signed, because the final approvals from the Ministry of Interior are recorded on the systems of the entity where you will complete your transaction electronically. The consent notice is a reference for consent information only. Final approvals are registered electronically with the following official authorities:

  • Public Security Directorate (regarding residence and visa approvals)
  • Jordanian embassies abroad (regarding visa approvals, emergency passports and temporary passports)
  • Civil Status and Passports Department (regarding naturalization and passport applications)
  • Sharia courts (regarding requests to complete the marriage contract procedures)

Can payments for Ministry of the Interior requests be completed electronically?
  • Payments for Ministry of the Interior requests for (service allowance, guarantee fees) can be completed electronically and through eFawateerCom.
  • The Ministry has also reduced the value of service allowance for electronic applications and the amount of guarantees required in order to encourage electronic application.
  • The Ministry has also reduced the value of the service fee for the applications submitted electronically, and the value of the required guarantees in order to encourage the submission of applications electronically.

How can the electronic account be activated?
  • First: In the event that the account holder is located inside Jordan, the activation is done either by visiting the Ministry of Interior / Directorate of Nationality or by visiting the governorate to which the account holder belongs if he/she is outside the capital governorate, but if the account to be activated belongs to institutions or companies, The Ministry must be visited for activation.
  • Second: In the event that the electronic account to be activated is from outside Jordan, the activation will be done by sending an activation link to the account holder

How can the electronic account data be modified in the event of any error in it?

If there is an error in the data on the electronic account or in the applicant’s data, the account holder must contact the Ministry through the WhatsApp number or email designated for this purpose.

Do people of Iraqi nationality who have permanent residence in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries need prior approval to enter Jordan?

They do not need prior approval to enter Jordan, so that they obtain an entry visa through the border crossing points upon arrival, provided that they have a valid residence permit in the country of residence for a period of not less than six months, in addition to a return ticket.

When is the companion box used when filling out the application?

Those called for in this field are added only in the case of children who do not hold passports and who are under the age of (16 years).

Is it possible to grant residency to parents or one of them on the sponsorship of a son or daughter who have an annual residency in Jordan?

Yes, they can be granted residency, provided that a proof of support from the Sharia court is attached, and a source of income is attached to the sponsor.

What are the documents required to change the engine capacity?

The required documents are: application, personal identification and driving license

What is the permissible limit for changing the engine?

The limit is 35%.

What are the documents required to own a motorcycle for non-Jordanians?

The documents required are: Passport, driver's license, and motorcycle specifications

What are the required documents, except for a trainers' course?

The documents required are: a failed Tawjihi certificate, a personal ID, and a driver's license

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