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Mission,Vision and Cour values


To maintain national security , to achieve its comprehensive concept  , to save citizens' lives and properties , to interact constantly with civil society institutions and to designate the Governors  the role in the supervision and following-up projects and development plans.


Achieving the concept of comprehensive security to protect public freedoms and to save the citizens' lives and properties  to deepen the sense of national loyalty and faithfulness.

Core Values:

  • Transparency: Clarity in procedures and information.
  • Justice: Equality in dealing with employees, and equality in dealing with the recipient of the service (the independence and objectivity) without bias.
  • Integrity and honesty: Ministry staff are trustworthy and certified by.
  • Teamwork: Concerted efforts to achieve the goal, to respect the opinions of others, and  to cooperate and respect mutually.
  • Initiative: Provision with proactive ideas (creativity and innovation), and tasks accomplishment on time.
  • Discipline: Ministry staff are committed to adhere to the legislation and its implementation.

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