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About the Ministry

Ministry of Interior was established since the formation of the first central government in Transjordan in 1921 and its name has been associated over the past eight decades with the process of building the institutions of modern state of Jordan, the task of maintaining security and public order as well as providing optimum service to citizens in urban and rural areas and the desert.

The Interior Ministry, like other state institutions, kept up with the socially and economically evolution of the country, and formed the framework within which it interacted Jordanian administrative and legal creative energies to achieve  the most efficient form of the structure of the modern state based on the rule of law and respect of  the individuals and groups rights.

The Ministry of Interior commenced  with  extensive and complex tasks including its main task maintaining security and public order to save souls and public and private properties  and delivering services.

Supervision of Development projects and programs:

An initiative of His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein came to  give the Governors  tasks to follow-up and supervise the development projects in order to  develop and improve all types of services provided to citizens, with the aim of raising the standard of living of the individual, as well as employing the legal and administrative powers granted to governors under the valid laws, regulations and instructions which comes through:

  • Creating an appropriate environment for investment at all levels and enhance cooperation between the public and private sectors.
  • Following- up the implementation of development projects.
  • Addressing the cause of the failure of development projects through   legal, administrative means and accountability.
  • Preparing budgets of the Governorates with the participation of the executive boards, investment to set capital budget to ensure the needs of the citizens of different locations of residence and residence.
  • Training and rehabilitating  promising leaders to follow up the implementation of development and supervision plans.

In the era of His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein , the Ministry of Interior continues its efforts to sustain and enhance its achievements through:

  • Implementing  the modern administrative  concepts based on the facility to citizens.
  • Avoiding all forms of complexity and bureaucracy.
  • Raising the efficiency and productivity of their employees.
  • Expansion of the devolution of powers to the field Governors and managers in the center with a view to sustainable development and the implementation of development projects.
  • Reconsidering  the laws and regulations that govern their work.
  • Keeping up with the national policy to encourage investment and tourism.
  • Facilitating the entrance (advent) and the residency of Arab and foreign investors in the Kingdom.

Ministry’s Logo


Safe guarding the public order and security through crime mitigation and chasing criminals to bring them to justice, which will help in creating the safe environment that will be enjoyed by all segments of the society, tourists, investors, and all entities in the country.


Focusing on governorates development by enhancing the developmental role of the Ministry through the “Local Development Directorate”, and the Administrative Officers in the field by the means of supervising the implementation of the development projects.


The Ministry provides all the means and tools for successful administrative operations in order to enhance the quality of its performance, procedures simplification, and outputs improvement.

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