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Welcome Note

Hence the Ministry of Interior updated website to be a bridge of communication with the ministry and the window that citizens and recipients can know about the services, tasks and activities carried out by the ministry, so that they can get the information and data necessary for their transactions directly without referring to the ministry center.

To shorten the time and effort and accelerate the completion of transactions across 23 electronic service provided by the Ministry for beneficiaries is the first stage of the new ministry launch, towards the computerization of all transactions and archiving electronically and this is what we are working on currently taking advantage of the technological and modern technology developments and will reflect positively on the quality and accuracy of services.

The ministry also seeks through its website to make it the basis to communicate with the community and enable its members to express their constructive and fruitful observations, or any suggestions contribute to raise the level of the provided service, and wish everyone to continue communicating with the site and look at the services offered and take advantage of them.

Here, I confirm that the ministry is currently working on the expansion of networking and electronic link with government departments and non-governmental organizations and institutions that the Ministry of Interior share with them in some work required for the completion of transactions and tasks operations, this will maximize the benefit desired and interest, and also contributes to shorten the effort by the recipient of the service and raise the level of coordination and cooperation between the various public and private authorities and the ministry.

Hoping from God Almighty to perpetuate the blessing of security and safety on the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan and its loyal people.

Peace, mercy and blessings of God.

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