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The new electronic system is an essential component  of the e-government program for the development and implementation of the governmental  (Cross-Governmental eservices) , provided by the Ministry of the Interior (Directorate of Nationality and Foreigners Affairs and the Directorate of Investment) in collaboration with the Department of Residence and border / Directorates public security, and the ministries and other government departments. These services include 16 different electronic services categorized into the following groups:

  • Visa Services
  • Annual service 
  • temporary residence renewal Services
  • Other services

Application from clients outside the Kingdom

  1. Visa application are accept only if the application was submitted from outside the Kingdom.
  2. application submitted for the purpose of a manual residency will be reviewed and the client status will be checked to verify whether the applicant is outside the country .
  3. If the client is required to be interviewed  in person, he can visit the nearest Jordanian  embassy as most of Jordanian embassies abroad have access to this electronic system.
  4. Cline should have his/her electronic application number, when visiting the Jordanian embassy.

How to apply electronic

  1. Service’s  recipient  registers to get his email account that allows him to apply on line.
  2. Service’s recipient selects the required service .
  3. Service recipient inquires about his applications at any time through his own account.
  4. The service recipient pays electronically (credit card)   or (cash) personally.

Kinds of registration (for the service’s recipient)

The service’s recipient can choose one of following kinds of registration, a list of the type:

  • Individually
  • By Companies
  • By Government institutions
  • Educational institutions
  • Diplomatic missions and international and regional organizations
  • Civil society organizations (clubs, associations, unions, ...)

Transactions that can be apply electronically

  • Visit Visa
  • Transit Visa
  • Exit/Entry Visa
  • Study Visa
  • Work Visa
  • Family/Follower Residency
  • Workless Residency with Bank Deposit
  • Study Residency
  • Work Residency
  • Transfer Residency
  • Urgent Travel Document
  • Temporary extended residence permit
  • Request for separation of a companion
  • Request of adding a companion
  • Residence cancellation
  • Annual residence for five years

User manual for Arabic language electronic services

  • To view the user manual for Arabic Lanuguage electronic services, Click Here..
  • User manual for English language electronic services
  • To view the user manual for English Lanuguage electronic services, Click Here.
  • Value of the service and guarantees for   transactions submitted electronically
  •  Service allowances value ( 2) JOD on the invited person in the electronic application .
  • The value of financial guarantees provided (1000) JOD on the invited person in the electronic application
  • Payment many be made via the electronic payment portal using honored credit cards.
  • Categories exempted from the fee and guarantees remain the same.

Services website address To visit the Services website, click here.

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