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Aqaba Governorate


Aqaba Governorate is considered a strategic region, and the only sea port in Jordan. Aqaba has boundaries with Haqel town in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, via Al-Derrah border point, Egypt, and Eilat through Wadi Araba crossing point. Both cities are situated at the tip of Aqaba Gulf, which is an extension of the Red Sea. Aqaba is famous as a site for diving, and for its shores on the Red Sea.

Aqaba city includes important industrial establishments, commercial free zones, and King Hussein Airport. It is considered an important administrative center located at the far most southern part of Jordan. Also, it is a source of phosphate and some types of sea shells.

At the beginning of 2001, Aqaba has become a special economic zone to upgrade the region, and create a suitable environment for investment.

Aqaba is a good representation of the Jordanian society mix for being a people’s attraction city to work at and invest in.

Geographical Location:

Aqaba is located at the extreme south of the Kingdom at the tip of the Gulf, which is named after it.

Aqaba Governorate consists of two counties (Al-Qasaba -the seat of the major city, and Al-Quairah), two districts (Wadi Araba, and Al-Deeseh), and (5) municipalities.


  • Governorate’s population is (188160) inhabitants.

  • Governorate’s area: (6904.7 km2).

  • Population density: (27.3) inhabitants per square kilometer.

Governorate’s Relative Features:

  • Unique geographical location on the Red Sea.

  • Special Economic Zone.

  • Tourism environment attracting investments.

Contact Information

  • Telephone No.: (03) 2013972  -  (03) 2014252

  • Telefax No.: (03) 2013964

  • E-mail Address: aqaba@moi.gov.jo

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