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Irbid Governorate


It is located at the far northern part of Jordan. Its boundaries extend to the Jordanian-Syrian borders, up to Yarmouk River. The eastern regions of the Governorate are considered part of Horan Plains (Ramtha), which are extended between Syria and Jordan. The Governorate’s northern parts are overlooking the Golan Plateau. On the western side, the region consists, geographically, of hills with medium heights, gradually descending to reach below sea level elevation at the Jordan Ghour (Valley). The southern parts of the Governorate are extending to include Al-Mazar Al-Shamali with its high mountains of astonishing landscape, which are adjacent to Ajloun Mountains.

The importance of the Governorate comes from its strategic location as a transit station to the neighboring countries, and the historical and archeological importance. Ancient civilizations had left behind in Irbid Governorate multiple archeological and historical sites, where Greek-Roman cities had been established.

Irbid Governorate is considered as the number one agricultural region in Jordan, especially in cultivating citrus, olive, cereals, and producing honey. It is uniquely characterized by the availability of social, cultural and youth services, and the construction development. It is uniquely characterized by the availability of the tri-cultural mix of Bedouin, Rural, and Urban.

Geographical Location:

Irbid Governorate is located at the northwestern part of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; it is bordered to the north by the Syrian Arab Republic, Palestine to the west, Mafraq Governorate to the east, and Balqa, Ajloun and Jerash Governorates to the south.

Irbid Governorate includes (9) counties, and (18) municipalities.


  • Governorate’s population is (1770158) inhabitants.

  • Governorate’s area: (1571.8 km2).

  • Population density: (1126.2) inhabitants per square kilometer.

Governorate’s Relative Features:

  1. Population Density:

The northern region includes one third of Kingdom’s population.

  1. Location:

The Governorate is considered a junction between the neighboring countries, on the one side, and Europe and Asia on the other.

  1. Climate:

The Governorate’s climate is considered one of the best climates in the world, where there are a green valley, which forms a comprehensive winter-time resort, mountains with all year round vegetation, fertile plains, and the availability of underground water. It is considered a diverse climate, with great potentials for investment projects in tourism.

  1. The existence of five universities in the Governorate, three of which are governmental: Yarmouk University, Jordan University of Science & Technology, and al-Balqa’ Applied University, and two private universities: Irbid National University, and Jadara University for higher studies. Furthermore, there is a joint educational program between Jordan University of Science & Technology and New York Institute of Technology.

  1. The existence of several archeological and touristic sites.

  1. The existence of three industrial estates in the Governorate, they are:

▪ Cyber City▪ Al Maabar City, Jordan Valley▪ Al-Hassan Industrial Estates.

  1. The existence of three touristic spots for physical treatments (hot springs):

  • Jordanian Hemmeh

  • North Shuneh Hemmeh 

  • Abu-Thable Hemmeh

  1. The existence of the needed infrastructure for investments in various fields, such as local and national road network, electrical power, transportation means, postal and communication services, sewage network, .. etc.

  1. The existence of vocational training centers that supply qualified labor force in various fields.

  1. Cultivable land in the Governorate makes about (70%) of the total area of the Governorate, and (13.5%) of the total cultivable land in Jordan.

Contact Information

  • Telephone No.: (02) 7271046  -  (02) 7271041

  • Telefax No.: (02) 7261922 -  (02) 7271652

  • E-mail Address: irbed@moi.gov.jo

  • Click here,to Visit the Irbid Governorate location 

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