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Zarqa Governorate


Zarqa Governorate is located northeast of the Capital Amman, which is 20 km far from it. Its boundaries extend to Mafraq Governorate to the north, Saudi Arabia to the east, the Capital Governorate to the south, and Balqa and Jerash governorates to the west. Hence, Zarqa is situated at a middle spot among the Kingdom’s governorates. It is connected with the Capital, other governorates, and the neighboring Arab countries by a network of excellent international and major roads that contribute to facilitating the movement of goods and commercial trading, especially from the Free Zone, with the surrounding Arab countries.

In investment, Zarqa Governorate is having the competitive edge advantage, especial when it comes to industrial investment. In Zarqa, there is more than half of the invested capital in the national industries, industrial employment, and production volumes. It is situated close to the power and fuel producing centers, such as Jordan Petroleum Refinery, and Al-Hussein Thermal Station, in addition to the existence of the Free Zone and the Qualified Industrial Zone in Al-Dhulail, which houses several factories. Zarqa is considered an important pass way to a number of border points.

The Governorate consists of (3) counties, (3) districts, and (7) municipalities.


  • Governorate’s population is (1364878) inhabitants.

  • Governorate’s area: (4761.3 km2).

  • Population density: (286.7) inhabitants per square kilometer.

Governorate’s Relative Features:

  • The location of the Governorate in the middle, that is in between the north and south governorates, and its being close to the borders with the Arab neighboring countries.

  • The existence of a good network of main and minor roads with a total length of (440) km.

  • Being situated close to power and fuel producing centers, such as Jordan Petroleum Refinery, and Al-Hussein Thermal Station.

  • The existence of several touristic and archeological sites.

  • The existence of a free zone.

Contact Information

  • Telephone No.: (05) 3982143  -  (05) 3982142 – (05) 3982141

  • Telefax No.: (05) 3930912 -  (05) 3993661

  • E-mail Address: zarqa@moi.gov.jo

  • Click here,to Visit the Zarqa Governorate location

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