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Karak Governorate


Karak Governorate is situated within the Mediterranean Climate, which is cold and rainy in winter, and hot and dry in summer. Annual precipitation is fluctuating from one year to another, and during the same season. Therefore, Karak Governorate’s climate is a diversified climate, which is positively reflected on the tourism sector in the Governorate, where the tourist can seek refuge to the warm Ghour region in winter and the plains in the spring and summer seasons. That would make the Government a tourists’ attraction center.

Karak topography is hilly in the western parts, such as Mo’ab Heights, and arid desert in the eastern side, where no people are dwelling.

Karak was a county until the issuance of the Administrative Formations Regulation (1) for the year 1966, according which the Kingdome was divided into governorates and counties, where Karak County was elevated to a governorate in 16/1/1966.

Geographical Location:

It is located in the southern part of Jordan; its southern boundaries meet with Tafelah Governorate, Madaba Governorate to the north, Al-Qatranah region to the northeast, Al-Sultani Dam to the southeast, and Southern Ghours to the west.

Karak Governorate consists of (7) counties and (3) …


  • The Governorate’s population is (316629) inhabitants.

  • The Governorate’s area: (3494.7 km2).

  • The population density: (90.6) inhabitants per square kilometer.

Governorate’s Relative Features:

  • Karak Governorate is characterized by its diverse terrains of desert, mountainous, semi-Ghour, and Ghour regions; as it is mainly dependent on agriculture.

  • Its uniqueness in having Prophet’s Companions Tombs, which make it a religious tourism attraction region.

  • Karak Governorate is characterized as an agricultural and industrial region.

  • The location of the lowest elevation point in the world (the Dead Sea).

  • The existence of some raw mineral (potash, phosphate, bromine, cement raw materials, and gypsum).

  • Its wide geographical extension, when compared with other governorates.

  • The existence of Mu’tah University, the only university in the Kingdom with military branch.

  • Poultry farms in the Governorate cover 33% of the Kingdom’s market consumption. Furthermore, the existence of an industrial estates and several private sector companies.

  • The existence of Al-Mujeb Dam.

  • The availability of educated labor force.

  • The low prices of the land, compared with the Capital Amman,

  • The low population density, which has a potential to implementing projects need to be far away from population clusters.

Contact Information

  • Telephone No.: (03) 2341001

  • Telefax No.: (03) 2341006

  • E-mail Address: karak@moi.gov.jo

  • Click here,to Visit the Karak Governorate location 

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